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2) Maintain proper storage and security conditions for drugs. Home   »   Articles   »   Duties of a Pharmacy Technician. Work schedule in hospitals involves night shifts more often compared to retail drug stores, but these are also compensated accordingly. Conversely, an in patient pharmacy provides medicine to all the patients in the hospital, including those … Your working hours will depend on the pharmacy’s hours. Sometimes prescriptions are collected by phone directly from the physician’s office or through special applications and email. A pharmacy technician works primarily in a retail and hospital setting. Pharmacy technicians Pharmacy techs have job openings in varied sectors. Below is an example of compounding pharmacy technician job description, showing a list of duties, tasks, and responsibilities an individual holding the position would be … Pharmacy technicians assist licensed pharmacists with the preparation and distribution of prescription medications. • Recruit new pharmacy technicians to work in the pharmacy. 1. • Purchase drug and supplies using pharmacy inventory records. The first two are more common, so we decided to dig a bit deeper into what you can expect from working in each of them. • You are required to learn the computer program used to operate the machine. • Properly maintain and the room and sterilize the equipment in order to avoid spread of infection. The job duties of certified pharmacy tech usually include the following: What pharmacy technician is prohibited to do by law is: Other than that, a pharmacy technician pretty much does everything in a pharmacy. The Pharmacy Technician Resume highlights the list of the following associated duties and tasks – accepting written prescription and refill requests, recording medical histories, delivering quality customer service to patients A professional Pharmacy Technician should possess numerous skills in order to complete their duties effectively, such as: Supply and inventory management skills Attention to detail and analytical skills Pharmacy technicians may find work in a drugstore, grocery store, hospital, nursing home or other medical facilities. Depending on your work setting, your duties may vary, however understanding all the duties of a pharmacy technician, irrespective of the workplace, are imperative to your career. Let us glance through the duties of a pharmacy technician working in a retail pharmacy, in a hospital setting, in nursing home/assisted living and in a mail order pharmacy. A pharmacist and a pharmacy technician have similarities in … Recording medical histories while maintaining confidentiality and compliance with HIPAA regulations. The individual’s skill set will determine which environment will be the best fit. Hospital Pharmacy Technician Job Description Example Given below is an example of hospital pharmacy technician job description, showing a list of major duties, tasks, and responsibilities that someone holding the position Build your skills and market them to pharmacies that can utilize you to your full potential! For example, unless you are the most legendary shelf stocker in the history of mankind, no pharmacist is going to write These prescription requests can come from hospitals, physicians, nurses or directly from the patient. Their work is typically overseen by a Technicians in hospitals are usually responsible for handling more paperwork compared to their retail colleagues. • Require to settle the bill before the patient leaves. Responsibilities of Pharmacy Technicians in Hospitals. Helps health care providers and patients by greeting them in person and by phone, answering questions and requests, and referring inquiries to the pharmacist. A typical pharmacy technician job description is as follows: Act as a patient advocate by ensuring that the Use the following tips and tricks to help you write a better resume. Let us look into the duties fulfilled by advanced pharmacy technicians. The majority of technicians working in a specialty pharmacy operation perform additional job duties than those listed above. Copyright © 2020 Pharmacytechnicianguide.com   All Rights Reserved. Throughout the day, you will receive calls to deliver these medications - usually narcotics, missing doses, new orders, or emergency medications. Pharmacy technicians can hold the above duties in various kinds of facilities, usually hospitals / clinics or retail pharmacies. If working in an outpatient pharmacy where patients pick up their prescriptions to take home, the duties of a pharmacy technician are similar to those in retail. We compiled several job listings and identified these primary Pharmacy Clerk duties and responsibilities. • Train entry level pharmacy technicians and ensure they attend other appropriate training programs to enhance their knowledge. • Look into the automated dispensing systems and make any required modifications in the drug inventory. After that you need to fill the medications to be taken later in the day keeping the appropriate doses in mind and make it accessible to the nurse in charge so that she can administer the medication to the patient. Other Pharmacy Technician Duties The pharmacy technician has many duties other than filling prescriptions. In most cases, a large portion of the medications provided are solutions to be administered intravenously. Many larger hospitals have what are called, “satellite pharmacies.” In most cases, they are a smaller version of the central pharmacy and produce medications for specific indications. You will greet patients, process their prescriptions, manage inventory and process insurance claims. Get information on Pharmacy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information. In the wild world of pharmaceuticals, a pharmacy technician plays a vital role in any setting. When an order comes in, the manifest will be checked for accuracy, and then the medications must be stocked on the shelves. The two most common environments are inpatient and outpatient, more commonly known as hospital and retail respectively. As a retail technician, duties include but are not limited to: In a retail pharmacy setting, customer service is paramount. The tasks performed sometimes mean that the pharmacy technician role requires an individual with less customer service or people skills, but greater attention to detail. Please note, laws in some states may prohibit them from performing some of these tasks. • You have to process the prescription and mail it to the patient. • Package and label radiopharmaceuticals. Delivering medications to and from satellite pharmacies, Restocking automated medication dispensing systems, Mixing and dispensing orally-administered medications, Intake of written and electronic prescriptions, Compounding various topical creams/ointments, as well as oral liquids, Accurately counting and dispensing medications, Assisting customers with the purchase of their medications. As a pharmacy technician you will typically be on the frontline, ensuring the smooth operations at the pharmacy. Pharmacy Technician Responsibilities: Accepting written prescriptions or refill requests from patients and evaluating information for completeness and accuracy. Registration with the NM State Board of Pharmacy or within ten (10) days of employment National Pharmacy Technician Certification by examination within one (1) year of employment Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities • Process a prescription and create a label accordingly, that may consist of auxiliary or cautionary labels. • Educate patient on the instructions, dosage and possible side effects of the medication. On this page you will learn about what all you will do as a pharmacy technician, what are the duties restricted by law and typical duties fulfilled in different kinds of work settings. Depending on the work schedule you choose, the skills you possess and the degree you have earned, you can work either in a retail setting, which offers flexible work hours or in a hospital setting, where you can expect higher salaries, but will be expected to work full time, at times even over weekends and on holidays. The job duties of certified pharmacy tech usually include the following: Preparation of medications for patients Receiving and verifying the prescriptions Pricing and filling of prescriptions In both these settings, as a pharmacy technician, you will be working under a licensed pharmacist. Why Should You Attend a Pharmacy Technician School & Get Certified? A pharmacy technician’s primary job is to receive and fill prescription requests for patients. • Purchase of drugs, identify and manage drug shortages. Pharmacy Clerk Duties and Responsibilities In order to accomplish their main objective of handling pharmacy orders, Pharmacy Clerks perform many tasks. Depending on state law and local Board of Pharmacy regulations, techs can weigh, retrieve, and sometimes, even mix the medications (even if this is allowed in a state where you practice, a pharmacist may still want to supervise the process, at least while you gain more experience). Nevertheless, helping a patient towards the path of recovery makes it a very fulfilling job at the end of the day. • Prescriptions require to be filled in a single dose manner. A pharmacy technician assists the pharmacist in running the operation of the pharmacy, interacting professionally with customers and complying with regulatory laws. Imagine you were just diagnosed with an illness and need to pick up your antibiotic before heading home and crawling back into bed. • Perform administrative duties such as billing, printing labels to be affixed upon medicine bottles, entering data, maintaining patient records and processing insurance claims, either electronically or by contacting the insurance company. • Ring in the cash registers by boosting sales of everything from electronics to cosmetics at the retail store. • Operating the machine which includes filling the machines with medicines, loading of paper for labels and general maintenance of the machine forms part of your duty. • Compound and dispense chemotherapy drugs. The job description of an inpatient pharmacy technician is similar to that of technician… This can include reading charts and maintaining patients’ profiles (which have to be updated on a regular basis with each medication supply). It can be a perfect fit for the candidates looking for a career in healthcare as it has a decent starting salary and opportunities for advancement. Medication Reconciliation by Pharmacy Technicians, Student Interns Medications at Transitions and Clinical Handoffs (MATCH) Toolkit for Medication Reconciliation [PDF] Tip List for Implementing Technician Medication History Program From empathetic listening to entering data, from accounting to counting pills, from stock taking to processing insurance claims, your day will be filled with challenges. Job duties will vary depending on the size and type of hospital. (a) General. • Advise healthcare providers about the proper use of nuclear medicine. Even though the job may seem simple at a first glance, it’s quiet challenging. Considering that over 3/4 of pharmacy technicians work in retail, interpersonal skills are a must. Practice of pharmacy and delegation of duties. Read on to know the duties of a pharmacy technician: A pharmacy technician holds different positions, depending on his educational background, certifications he holds and years of work experience. Once that has happened, the technician will assist the customer with their purchase. The technician is the first person a patient will speak with as they drop off their prescription. 3) Answer telephones, responding to questions or requests. If you’re working for a hospital or 24-hour pharmacy, you could possibly end up working early mornings, midnights, weekends, or even holidays. • The day starts by filling medication that needs to be taken by the patient before or after breakfast. Pharmacy technicians that work in a pharmacy or retail setting typically perform the following duties: Receiving prescriptions, both over the phone and in-person Entering prescriptions into … Pharmacy technician duties include pricing and filling the prescriptions for all patients. CVS, Walgreens, Rite Aid and mass merchandisers such as Wal-Mart and Target or grocery stores such as Kroger, Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in the Nation - 2019, Top Online Pharmacy Technician Training Programs - 2019, Best Doctor of Pharmacy Programs in the Nation - 2019, 2019 in-depth Pharmacy Technician Salary information, 10 Common Mistakes Pharmacy Technicians Commit on the Job and How To Avoid, 50 Cities Where Pharmacy Technicians Earn The Highest Salary, Comparing Being A Pharmacy Technician With Other Similar Healthcare Careers, Deciding Between Online And On Campus Education, Pharmacy Technician Frequently Asked Questions Answered, How to Become a Pharmacy Technician - 3 Options, List of Pharmacy Technician Interview Questions and How to Answer, Pharmacy Technician Advantages And Disadvantages, Factors To Consider While Selecting The Right Pharmacy Technician School. In order to prepare these solutions, the technician must have a firm grasp on aseptic technique. Pharmacy technicians need to pay great attention to details since patient’s health and life are at stake. On of the great advantages of this career is ability to choose virtually any schedule you like – evenings, nights, weekends, or traditional 9 to 5. Since there is no schooling required to become an assistant, their scope of practice is much narrower than that of a technician. The main duties of an IV pharmacy technician are as follows: • Prepare medications which include liquids, powders for intravenous mixing compounding. The billing information is also taken at this point in the process. Job Description for an Inpatient Pharmacy Tech. This pharmacy technician job description template is optimized for posting on online job boards or careers pages. When a patient is admitted, the nurses will be given access to a 24-hour supply of medication. In order to save money, many hospitals will order tablets or capsules in bulk bottles. Pharmacy Technician Advice Part of searching for jobs as a pharmacy technician is having an outstanding resume. It is unlawful for a person not licensed as a pharmacist by the Board to engage or allow another person to engage in the practice of pharmacy as defined in § 27.1 (relating to definitions) and section 2 of the … This has to be done by the pharmacist. Your day will be filled with varied tasks, including clinical as well as administrative duties. • Process prescriptions and dispense medications. • Since the pharmacy provides medication to all patients admitted in the hospital, including the emergency ward and operating room, as a pharmacy tech, in spite of hardly having any direct contact with the patients, you are required to prepare prescriptions by communicating with the nurses or physicians, either over the telephone or more recently, electronically. Under the supervision of a pharmacist, a hospital pharmacy technician fills prescriptions by matching the prescription with the correct medication supplies, counting the correct tablets, measuring the correct amounts of liquid medications and packaging and labeling prescriptions. Perform counselling with the patients – you can not give them any advice related to drugs or health-related issue. • Do stock taking and inventory management. Depending on the place you choose to work in and the state you live in, your duties vary. 4. This job Those people may look like they are doing the same job but, in reality, they're not. They also perform monthly inventory counts, file paperwork, and stock inventory. Customer-service skills are one of the key pharmacy tech skills you can leverage in the field. Pharmacy Technician Job Responsibilities: Supports pharmacological services by stocking, assembling, and distributing medications. IV medications are always compounded in a laminar flow hood, in which air is passed through a HEPA filter to create a sterile environment to significantly lessen the chance of contamination. 1) Receive written prescription or refill requests and verify that information is complete and accurate. As a pharmacy technician, you have a long list of daily duties and tasks, but they are not all created equal. • Inventory management and clerical duties like entering patient data, answering calls and accounting will also form part of your duties in such a setting. • Process a prescription and create a label accordingly, that may consist of auxiliary or cautionary labels. The duties and responsibilities of the pharm tech are summarized here in the pharmacy technician job description example. • Prepare medications which include liquids, powders for intravenous mixing compounding. Before we move further, it’s important to understand that a pharmacy technician is always supervised by the pharmacist he works with. Some floors won’t have certain medications. After the medication is properly dispensed and labeled, it will need to be verified by a pharmacist to ensure the patient is getting the correct item (this is also true for hospital pharmacies – registered pharmacist always checks the prescription before delivery to patient). For example, oncology satellites are responsible for supplying chemotherapy medications to cancer treatment centers within the facility. In a hospital setting, the pharmacy technician helps fill orders for patients and ensures that they are delivered to the right units. • Inpatient settings also require you to make IVs, which require special training in aseptic technique (to minimize the risk of infection) and clean room procedures. A technician is usually responsible for unit-dosing and labeling these medications.

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