remnant granite countertops

Benefits of Remnant Granite. Schedule a time to visit the seller and view the remnant. We have a large selection of over 1000+ granite, marble, quartz, soapstone and quartzite remnants. Instead, they are perfect for a vanity top, stepping stones, mantles, fireplace hearths and anything else you can think of. Remnant warehouse is a collection of over 2000 pieces of granite, marble and quartz of varying sizes available for sale. Save Money, Come See our Huge Selection of Granite and Quartz Remnants Today, These prices include material template fabrication delivery and installation Granite and Quartz Remnants. These remnants could save you a lot of money on smaller projects. Our remnant program is perfect for anyone seeking elegant and unique stone surfaces for smaller projects such as vanities, hearths, mantles, or tabletops. These pieces of granite work great for smaller sized countertops. Though remnant granite isn’t ideal for a large project, it can be a very cost effective way to add a touch of granite to your home. Remnant countertops are remaining pieces from previous jobs. Save a ton on Beautiful Granites, Marbles and Quartz pieces with our New Remnant Warehouse. Toggle navigation. Just like the full size stone countertops, remnants are extremely durable and will last a lifetime. Wholesale Granite Direct Has a Wide Selection. Their hardness also makes them resistant to heat – a good quality to look for in kitchen countertops. We have just launched a new, easy to use, online catalogue and webstore for our massive inventory of remnant pieces including; Caesarstone Quartz, Silestone Quartz, Viatera Quartz, Hanstone Quartz, Natural Stones such as Granite, Quartzites and Marbles plus many more brand name engineered quartz lines. Remnants are from Granite, Quartz, … Granite, Marble & Quartz Remnants $35 sqft with a 15 sqft minimum . 69 granite slabs in Reno inventory. Our Granite, Quartz and Marble boneyard is not created by mistakes in design or fabrication, it’s a collection of remnants left over because a customer simply did not want the residual from a project. Selection is constantly changing but we have a vast selection of material. Home; About; Inventory; Gallery; Contact Us; Search Inventory "Explore and share with your friends the best stone remnant in northern Nevada"-we update our inventory weekly- Picture ID Stone Type Stone Name Location Width Height Sq. Using a remnant for your countertop project is cost effective, and eco-friendly. 817-710-8604; Richardson. There are hundreds of different ways to use stone remnants to improve the overall look and feel of your home. I found the exact color I wanted at a price lower than I had ever imagined possible. Privacy Policy. Our display racks make finding a perfect piece very convenient. All of our sellers will help cut, ship, and install your stone. 277,902 lbs of smaller Remnants & 290,000 lbs of Remnant … We constantly strive for improvement. One style that many people enjoy is butcherblock, which looks exactly how it sounds. We got exactly what we wanted so, thank you, thank you, thank you! Come visit our 20,000 square foot showroom and warehouse where you can pick the exact slab of your choice. These prices do not include any removal of existing countertops, * Price does not include all remnant pieces Granite, quartz, and marble are just some materials to use, not to mention the labor to create the countertops as well. Home; Stones Stones Overview ... kitchen countertops, fireplace and shower surrounds as well as vanity tops, all at our Merrimack, NH facility. 817-962-2616; Granbury. Ship the stone to your preferred fabricator or use the seller to fabricate and enjoy guaranteed installation rates. Buying a remnant is far cheaper than buying a full size slab and you’re still getting a beautiful piece of stone at an amazing price. We are dedicated to providing cost-effective countertop remnants for both home and business owners. Arlington. Pieces are eliminated on the website when they are sold. 913.851.9390. ft per slab. Kitchen granite countertops remnants 36 slabs. Visit or call us today. We have 100s of exotic slabs to choose from at very affordable prices. Granite Remnants Granite is an extremely hard stone that is second only to diamond. These materials are available in limited quantities. We offer remnants at affordable prices so homeowners can select their dream countertop, vanity, bar top, at a fraction of the original cost. In most cases, if your needs are under 25 sq. Some of the tops on the sale racks already have the sink cutout(s) in them, so determining the sink center when choosing one of these tops is crucial. Remnants are smaller pieces of stone which cannot be used for a full size countertop. If you’re not looking to outfit an entire kitchen countertop with granite or quartz, come in to the Half Price Countertops showroom and check out our huge selection of stone remnants. Why purchase the entire slab of marble, granite, quartz or travertine for a small project such as a fireplace surround when all you need are smaller pieces?

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